Jugendnetzwerk Lambda

Lambda represents the interests of young lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people in public and politically.  The organisation has also have set the task of helping young people in their self-recognition process as well as in psychosocial emergencies.

We are committed to providing education, counselling and leisure activities, while the overwhelming work of volunteer young people is done and managed by us.

We promote self-initiative, self-organisation, co-determination, mutual understanding, willingness to cooperate and solidarity based on basic democratic principles.

We offer a non-discriminatory space, as well as the opportunity to build friendships and cultivate. The centre of our activities is the counselling of and for young people, coming-out groups, leisure activities, weekly youth groups, seminars and much more. These offers not only the opportunity for young people to share their leisure time and self-realisation, but they also promote and strengthen their social skills.

In all of these projects, we support the young people in an advisory and supportive manner and also provide education.

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