Announcing the 2019 Activist Academy!

Coimbra, Portugal, 22-27 July

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Activist Academy

Announcing the Activist Academy, class of 2019! Coimbra, Portugal, 22-27 July

For the third year, IGLYO is really happy to organise, in partnership with Member organisation rede ex aequo, the Activist Academy, class of 2019. It is a six-day (one day extra!) intensive training course, aimed at young people at the very start of their activist journey. Split into three distinct stages- team building, skills acquisition and action learning – the course not only teaches young people practical skills, but gives them opportunities to put their learning into practice straight away through a series of group challenges.

The programme involves a menu of practical modules on topics such as public speaking, campaigning, project management and advocacy, all delivered by respected experts and leading international organisations. Participants then have an opportunity¬†to apply what they’ve learned¬†through a series of individual and group challenges.

All participants are grouped in smaller teams within which they will experience the whole of the Academy. They will cooperate with their teammates to solve the skill challenges and they will engage in friendly competition with the other teams. Each team is supported by a trained mentor.

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