Matt Beard

Executive Director, All Out

“We do this work because we want to help get a fair deal for LGBT people everywhere and end bigotry and discrimination.”

Mathew Beard is the Executive Director at All Out. Prior to joining All Out in early 2016 he served as the International Director of Fundraising and Communications at ActionAid, a global anti-poverty and women’s rights organisation.

All Out is a movement for love and equality. We are thousands of people of all sexual orientations and identities from across the planet, turning solidarity into action. Through respectful partnerships, we connect millions of ordinary citizens so that they can take action on, or donate to, campaigns for LGBT rights.

Workshop on online fundraising, communications and campaigning will give participants practical insights into current best practice around online fundraising, communications and campaigning.

Joel Bedos

Board Member, IDAHO Committee

“Let’s explore some of the strategies that have worked to open our appetite!”

Prior to his engagement with the IDAHOT Committee, Joel has worked 15 years for various organisations working on international solidarity. His career took him from relief work to development work, focusing mainly on basic education, to advocacy and campaigning. He is a former Policy and Campaigns Director for Oxfam France and acted as Policy Advisor for Oxfam International.

For the past 10 years, the IDAHO Committee has worked to make the Day become the single biggest LGBT global annual mobilisation moment. Today the IDAHO Committee specialises in building skills on public campaigning.

IDAHO main missions:

  • Develop the scope, diversity and moral authority of the Day
  • Support organizations to take action during the Day

Changing people’s hearts and minds is at the core of our mission – easier said than done.

While we often think that good stories and a couple of figures will do the trick, persuasive communication actually demands a large set of skills.

Let’s explore some of the strategies that have worked to open our appetite. Let’s discuss together how we can keep exploring our collective work to show our successes, reflect on our challenges, explore beyond our limits, meet new friends, explore solutions and answers to our challenges and learn creative ways to reach out to the world!

Valeria Santostefano

Senior Programmes & Policy Officer, ILGA Europe

Community organising is a way to make sure that nobody is left behind.

Valeria is a Senior Programmes & Policy Officer with ILGA-Europe.

Over the past 10 years, she has been an active member in the LGBTI movement ranging from grassroots to international level. As it’s often the case for activists, Valeria has developed multiple competencies and skills around training, community work, campaigning, advocacy etc. Participatory methodologies have always been a key aspect of Valeria’s work. This originates from the idea that the steps we make to achieve a certain result determine the quality of the result itself.

Valeria supports ILGA-Europe’s strategic thinking and research on issues around sustainable social change. More recently she is developing the work on community organising with a focus on LGBTI people’s participation, agency and empowerment. Through the workshop, we will explore what we mean for community organising, why we organise LGBTI communities, and how we do so. Depending on participants’ needs and interests we could look into different practices and tools, exchange ideas on how to work with certain communities or outline some of the skills needed when working with communities.

ILGA-Europe is a European non-governmental umbrella organisation bringing together nearly 500 organisations from 45 European countries. ILGA-Europe work to strengthen the LGBTI movement and to advocate at all levels for human rights and equality for LGBTI people.

ILGA Europe website

Toryn Glavin

Steering Committee Member, Transgender Europe

Toryn Glavin was born in Dublin, a city which she still calls home. She studied for a B.Sc. in Event Management and during her time in university was a founding member of the Irish Trans Student Alliance (ITSA). Toryn continued to run ITSA for over 3 years, supporting trans students and young people, before leaving the organisation in December 2016.

Toryn has been employed by Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) since March 2016 as their full-time Administrative Officer. She currently sits on the Gender Recognition Review Group convened by TENI, which bring together experts with an aim to advise the government on how to improve Irish gender recognition legislation. She offers a youth perspective to the group.

TGEU website


Dominic Joyce

Filmmaker and Editor, Dominic Joyce Film

“The nature of film has completely changed, it used to be that you put an ad on TV or in the cinema and people are forced to watch it while they wait for their show to start. Nowadays, If you want to get your point across to the maximum audience size, the key isn’t just to make a great film, but it’s to tailor your edit in a way that inspires your audience to click the ‘share’ button.”

Dominic Joyce is a London-based filmmaker and editor. He specialises in documentary for online and social media use. Over his career, he has made hundreds of cause-based films and travelled all over the world to make them. From working on projects about leprosy colonies in India to slums in Burkina Faso, he has covered a wide range of issues and uses emotion marketing in order to inform his edits and ensure that his films perform well online.


Maria Sanchez

Certified Trainer

“Dance like no one is watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, and Live like it’s heaven on earth.”

A national of Spain and Iran, Marilen holds a Bachelors of Arts (Linguistics) from the University of Barcelona – and a Masters (Computer Linguistics) from the Manchester Metropolitan University. She also has a certificate in Multimedia Training Application Development from the Siemens Nixdorf Training Center in Bonn (CBT), and an MBA from the CEREM Business School in Madrid as well as a Contemporary Art certificate from the Alanus University of Art in Cologne.

With almost 20 years of experience serving with international institutions including complex and multilingual environments, Marilen is currently working in the Programming section of the United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNV). She is a certified trainer for the UNV Youth Volunteers Assignment Preparation Training (APT).  The APT prepares young volunteers for their assignments in developing countries enhancing their skills as emerging leaders and sensitising them in the areas of Story Telling and Public Speaking, Cross-cultural issues, Supervisory Management Skills, Communicating, Coaching and Managing Conflict etc.

Prior to joining UNV in 2000, Marilen worked at the Chilean Embassy and also as a language secondary school teacher at the Manchester Technology school. Volunteerism is very close to her heart and participates regularly in refugees and hospice volunteer activities.

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