Paula Cerescu

Paula is a 18 year old LGBTQ activist from Chișinău, Moldova. She had been volunteering in GENDERDOC-M Information Centre, the only NGO protecting and advancing the rights of LGBT people in Moldova, for two years. Then, during the spring of 2018, she became involved in organizational’s work as an intern in the LGBT Community Development Programme and for the first time took part in organizing Moldova Pride Festival. Since June, she is a full staff member as the coordinator of LGBT Community Development Programme.

Oana Ungureanu

“My name is Oana Ungureanu, I am romanian, 20 years old, pisces and genderqueer. I’ve always been interested in fighting for myself and helping others and I’ve always been a bit of an activist in my opinion, but for a while now I’ve started actively being an activist as a way of life and I am constantly looking for ways to better myself in this path. My main area of interest for the time being is human rights and especially LGBTQ+ rights.”

Pietro Abimael Guermandi

“Born in ’93. I became an activist for the first time during the 2012 Bologna Pride. I’ve been part of many groups at Cassero LGBTI Center like the Youth Group and the Health Group, which i’ve been part for many years. Since 2016 i joined the School Group and since the 2014 I created with a few friends “La Gilda” (“The Guild”), the first Italian LGBTI nerd group that I am managing since then. I graduated in Astronomy and i’m now studying to became a math and physics teacher.”

Lee Lepik

Lee is a 21 y.o. fledgling European activist, queer, here & probably reading something at the moment.

They like actively helping their community and trying to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Also might or might not have accidentally become the face of non-binary folks in Estonia!

They also are fairly active on social media under the handle of @aldergroves in most places (except on instagram, where their handle was blatantly taken & they had to settle for aldergrovian instead), and still in the process of figuring stuff out, as one tends to be.

Stoyo Tetevenski

Stoyo Tetevenski works for Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie and studies International Relations at Sofia University. He also works with refugees and the Roma community. Stoyo is interested in intersectional feminism and its applications in the fight against social injustice and climate change.

Nina Huovinen

“I’m a 23-year-old Finn, who moved to Sweden to study 3 years ago. In the final year of my studies I became the president of the LGBTQ association at our university and got involved with SFQ, which is the Swedish federation of LGBTQIA+ student organizations. My activism so far has focused on making Swedish universities safer spaces for everyone to be who they are, and I can’t wait for this super exciting week to give me more tools on taking this work to a whole different level.”


“I am a social psychology PhD student from Poland. I am trying to explore solidarity based collective action as a researcher in Center for Research on Prejudice. I also work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ‘Afterhours’ I am a volunteer at Kampania Przeciw Homofobii [Campaign Against Homophobia], where we work for the improvement of the current politics and attitudes towards LGBTQIA people.

If you want something from me, bring me coffee first ?”

Kirsty Farrugia

“My nickname is Kiki D, 25 years old and in my final year or shall I say week of undergoing a B.A (Hons) in Health & Social Care (Management). If I had to choose a movie title for the story of my life it would be, yogi bear as I juggle between different things and places in the same day. If I could choose to have superpowers, I would choose; Duplication and accessing minds. Founder of GSAM (Gay-straight alliance Mcast) a dream over the past 2 years which became a reality. An activist within the LGBTIQ community in Malta, the start of what I hope is a long journey in activism for equal rights.”

Louis Goddard-Glen

Louis is an 18 year old LGBTQ+ activist from London, England. He has set up an LGBTQ+ society in school and aims to branch out into the rest of the educational sphere of society in order to reach a point of acceptance and tolerance of LGBTQ+ students in the United Kingdom. He is interested in politics and promoting equality. He aims to bring activism into his future careers and into the international community.

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