The Mentors of the Activist Academy are meant to provide guidance throughout the workshops led by the Experts. They will support and guide you and other participant teams when solving the skills challenges. Get to know them in advance below!


They/He, Slovenia

Nuka is a 24-year-old non-binary queer person from Slovenia. He’s been a volunteer at the first and only trans-specific organisation in Slovenia, TransAkcija, for 5 years now, and is trying his best to actively contribute to the community. Their education is in fine arts and illustration, so they most often tend to combine activism with art, and art with activism.

Yassine Chagh

He/They, Cyprus

My name is Yassine Chagh I am 20 years old, I go be He/They and I identify as a work-in-progress activist in the field of racial justice, LGBTQI+ rights, period poverty as well as in the field of social inclusion & reconciliation in divided communities! I am currently an active volunteer at QUEER CYPRUS Association around fundraising & universal relations teams. More than that I am a newly co-founder of a social initiative/mental health advocacy platform -BUBBLEOUTCYP- and an initiator of a Period movement in Cyprus -LET’STALKPERIODCYP- which IS A THING I guess I could’ve never been part of if there was no Activist Academy 2021 for ME ;)…

For this year’s F2F AA I am super honored and excited to be a mentor to share these pieces of me and also to regard and get inspired by the wholesome things that AA will help you flourish as individuals or groups… looking forward to working with some you… and thrilled to help blossom all of those thoughts of yours! TOODLES! <3


She/her, Albania

Hi changemakers! I am Anisa, and I hold a Master Degree in Teaching English Language and I have worked as an English teacher for more than seven years. I assist international school programs with creative projects, contribute to program planning, intercultural collaborations between my school and students with different schools and students all over the world. I am also a facilitator, trainer, youth leader, certified climate educator and equity defender. My work consists mostly of peace education, leadership, human rights, no hate speech and environment. I am skilled at providing face-to-face and online learning programs for global participants of varying experience levels.


She/her, Slovenia

I’m Kaja (she/her) from Slovenia and I am 27 years old. I am a graduate social worker pursuing a master’s degree at the Faculty of Social Work (Social Justice and Radical Perspectives in Social Work). I am also a youth worker and I teach English to children. I’m active in the field of human rights and am particularly interested in migration, gender and LGBTQIA+. In my spare time, I volunteer for the Association DIH and am a tutor coordinator at the Faculty of Social Work. My hobbies include learning new languages (right now I am learning Italian), going to concerts and dancing. I attended the 2019 Activist Academy which was the last one that was held in person and I can’t wait to be the mentor this year!


They/them, The Netherlands

Hi there! My name is Mo (they/them) and I am a 21 year old from the Netherlands. I currently spend most of my time working in my local theater, gaming, reading and actually going to the theater. Since I was 15 years old I have been involved in several projects, mostly regarding lgbt education in high schools and asexuality awareness. The past year I have been taking a break from activism to focus on my mental health, and I am very excited to be back at the activist academy and make my re-entrance in the activism community! I cant wait to meet everyone, and help give this years participants the same amazing experience I had back in 2019!

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