Matt Beard

Executive Director, All Out

“We do this work because we want to help get a fair deal for LGBT people everywhere and end bigotry and discrimination.”

Matt Beard is the Executive Director at All Out. Prior to joining All Out in early 2016 he served as the International Director of Fundraising and Communications at ActionAid, a global anti-poverty and women’s rights organisation.

All Out is a movement for love and equality. We are thousands of people of all sexual orientations and identities from across the planet, turning solidarity into action. Through respectful partnerships, we connect millions of ordinary citizens so that they can take action on, or donate to, campaigns for LGBT rights.

Workshop on online fundraising, communications and campaigning will give participants practical insights into current best practice around online fundraising, communications and campaigning.

Close up picture of a woman laughing

Roxana Marin

Educator & Roma Activist

“If one can be taught anything, one can also be untaught everything: rules, norms, definitions, recipes, fixed-form poetry and prayer, shame, fear. whatever limits or takes away their freedom.”

Roxana Marin is a grassroots educator and trouble-maker human-rights activist, as well as a public speaking and life skills coach to Roma and queer people.

She is a co-founder of MozaiQ, where she serves as a social return of investment coordinator, with a focus on education and employment equity for trans and Roma queer persons. She has authored employers’ guides, and designed recurrent event concepts such as Unicorns@Work, the first lgbtqia+ job fair in Romania, and Rainbow Breakfast – assisting HR managers to create more inclusive work environments.

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Mina Tolu

Trans Activist, Communications Consultant

“The stories told about LGBTQIA people can shape how the world sees and interacts with us. When we take the power of storytelling into our own hands, we can be agents of change, showing both our current realities and our vision for an LGBTQIA inclusive future.”

Mina Tolu is a trans activist and young green politician. They have 10 years of experience in campaigning and communications on human rights and environmental issues. This includes designing and implementing online and social media campaigns for IGLYO, Transgender Europe, and We Are – an LGBTQI youth organisation in Malta. As well as coordinating a national referendum campaign in Malta in 2015, and their own campaign as a candidate for the European Parliament in 2019.

Mina has experience in delivering non-formal education training and seminars on visual communications and strategic campaigns. Currently they are completing a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and working as a consultant on trans and non-binary inclusive storylines for European productions.

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